E-Cigarettes: Cessation Device or Alternative Vice? [Presentation]

August 12, 2014| By Ross Campbell | L/H General Industry, Life | English

Ever since they emerged on the market 10 years ago, the popularity of e-cigarettes has been rising.

They represent an alternative to smoking that potentially reduces the harmful chemicals in tobacco smoke from thousands to just one, and many claims have been made for their usefulness in helping smokers quit tobacco.

Though the science to back up these claims is emerging slowly, arguments for and against their use are evolving rapidly. While ex-smokers hail them as life-changers, anti-smoking campaigners have greeted their popularity with alarm, labelling them as a gateway to tobacco smoking in the young and an aid in perpetuating the glamour-myth of smoking.

This SlideShare presentation discusses some of the key arguments and changes in the socio-political landscape, alongside recommendations for life insurers who are in the process of writing, or revising, their underwriting policy on e-cigarettes.


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