Digital Dialogues Episode 4: Being More Human in a Hyper-Digital World [Podcast]

December 27, 2018| By Ross Campbell | L/H General Industry | English

We are now in a world where non-human intelligence can get involved in just about anything we do. New technology - from apps to artificial intelligence and lots in between - has the capacity to disrupt the insurance industry dramatically, but equally, to enable it to innovate in extraordinary ways.

How can the industry respond to this chance to bring, paradoxically, a more human face and interface to the services we provide? We put the question to leading figures from insurance, technology and innovation in this fourth episode of our podcast series exploring digital disruption and insurance.

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With huge thanks to all of the experts who contributed their insight this time (in order of appearance): Herman Gyr, Anders Sörman-Nillson, Zia Zaman, Samuel Hall, Catriona Wallace, Guy Mills, David Lamb, Kevin Angelini, Curt Carlson, Robert M. Hoehn and Dave Duarte.

Coming up next: Episode 5 - Mobile the digital gateway.


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