Varsha Gujarathi

Life/Health Senior Risk Consultant, Mumbai

Varsha Gujarathi is a Senior Risk Consultant with Gen Re based in Mumbai where she is responsible for providing underwriting, claims and marketing services. Varsha joined Gen Re in 2011 and has more than 15 years experience of the direct market in India. She is a Fellow of the Insurance Institute of India, of the Academy of Life Underwriters and Life Management Institute. 

  • Claims Focus 2016, No. 1

    Issue: Nov 03, 2016|Français

    Quel est l’impact de la pollution de l’air sur les maladies respiratoires ? Y a-t-il une conciliation possible pour l’indemnisation de sinistres pas « dans les clous » ? Nouvelles technologies et suivi de la santé mentale : une piste pour la gestion des...

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  • Claims Focus 2016, No. 1

    Issue: Aug 05, 2016|English

    Respiratory Diseases and the Impact of Air Pollution: The Indian Scenario / Impact of Air Pollution on Chronic Respiratory Diseases / Offers in Australia and New Zealand / “Look Across the Fence” – Settlement Offers in South Africa / How “Tech” Helps...

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  • Getting to Grips With Mental Health Problems in India

    By Varsha Gujarathi |Feb 18, 2016|English

    Mental health conditions frequently afflict young adults, and the majority of individuals simply never receive appropriate treatment for their life-long conditions. This can be the result of inadequate healthcare, the belief that problems will merely...

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