Tim Pappas

P/C Senior Underwriting Specialist, New York

Tim Pappas is a Vice President and Senior Underwriting Specialist for Property Facultative North America. Based in our New York office, he is also co-chairman of the Flood Peril team. He is responsible for guidelines, referrals, underwriting and marketing with regards to the peril of flood.

  • The Key to Underwriting Flood Successfully [Video]

    By Tim Pappas |May 19, 2016|English

    Innovations in modeling and technology are changing the way the industry underwrites flood risks, but they are only a starting point to truly understanding the risk. Transforming that information into knowledge is the key to underwriting flood successfully. View...

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  • How Aging Dams Are Storing Up Trouble

    By Tim Pappas |Oct 15, 2015|English

    Dams are a vital part of our national infrastructure in the United States. Dams provide trillions of gallons of water for drinking, as well as for irrigation and industrial use; they also play a vital role in flood control, supplying hydroelectric power,...

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  • When the Levee Breaks [Presentation]

    By Tim Pappas |Apr 14, 2015|English

    From Boston to New Orleans to Sacramento and everywhere in between, there are thousands of levees in the United States. And yet there is a lack of understanding among both the general public and the insurance industry about this exposure. Test your levee...

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  • What You Don’t Know About Flood Can Hurt You [Presentation]

    By Tim Pappas |Jul 29, 2014|English

    Flood events are rising up the insured natural catastrophe league table. In 2011 the flooding in Thailand cost insurers $15 billion; in 2012 Super Storm Sandy left insurers a bill for $25 billion. It is a global trend and it is the same story in Canada....

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