Tim Fletcher

P/C Senior Emerging Issues Specialist, Atlanta

Tim Fletcher, J.D., CPCU, is Gen Re's Senior Emerging Issues Specialist and a Vice President. He heads our Emerging Issues unit, drawing from years of industry experience and a wide range of responsbilities. In his Claims role, Tim helped clients successfully resolve high-exposure cases and respond to various claim and legal issues. He is also a guest lecturer on Risk Management and Insurance at Georgia State University, and he's based in our Atlanta office.

  • PFAS – A Challenging and Uncharted Course Ahead

    By Tim Fletcher |Dec 15, 2021|English

    Ubiquitous in their presence and disturbing because of their potential harmful effects, Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) loom ominously over society. Recent U.S. regulatory activity and lawsuit outcomes concerning these chemicals portend a decades-long...

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  • Peering Into the Crystal Ball – What Will Social Inflation Hold for the Future? [Part 5 of 5-Part Series]

    By Tim Fletcher |Sep 08, 2021|English

    This is part five of our five-part series – in partnership with NAMIC – examining social inflation and its impact on insurers. As society continues its halting emergence from the COVID‑19 pandemic, court activity has resumed. With that activity has come...

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  • Social Inflation – A Claims Perspective [Part 4 of 5-Part Series]

    By Glenn Frankel and Tim Fletcher |Jul 28, 2021|English

    This is part four of a five-part series – in association with NAMIC – examining social inflation and its impact on insurers. Part five will cover Emerging Issues. Social inflation is seemingly being discussed everywhere, from news articles to conferences...

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  • PFAS与微塑料——下一个“有毒物质侵权”争议点?

    By Tim Fletcher |Jan 15, 2021|Chinese

    多年来,Gen Re一直坚持出版《污染保险保障裁定和地图》,向客户通报有关绝对污染除外责任、自有财产除外责任和其他相关主题,如保险保障触发、在途损失辩护,以及清理费用是否构成商业综合责任(CGL)保单下的可赔偿损失的最新动态。 在2020年更新该出版物的过程中,我们清晰地发现,变化的速度仍然相对缓慢,判例法保持相对稳定。各个州对绝对污染除外责任(APE)的解释仍然各不相同,很少有新的先例判决。 虽然有关某些常见毒素——如含铅涂料、多氯联苯和环境溶剂——的判例法已基本成熟,但另外两种污染物却会对整个社会,...

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