Takashi Ishii

Property & Casualty Japan, Senior Consultant, Tokyo

Having formerly held the role of Managing Director, Takashi Ishii is now a Senior Consultant in Gen Re’s Property/Casualty office in Japan.

  • 抵御供应链风险,行动起来!

    By Takashi Ishii |Dec 04, 2019|Chinese

    供应链堪称当今全球经济的血脉:一旦供应链停止正常运转,各经济部门便如人体各器官一样偃旗息鼓了。从过去几年的事件中,便可以看出供应链究竟有多么脆弱。 墨西哥湾飓风等极端天气已多次切断能源供应且/或导致燃料价格上涨。与此类似,泰国 2011 年的洪灾与日本东部地震后,半导体供应链陷入崩溃,对全世界的电子制造业和汽车制造商造成了严重冲击。 近期的网络攻击事件(如臭名昭著的 NotPetya 和 WannaCry 勒索软件攻击)也表明,人为事件也会严重干扰供应商和终端用户之间的产品供应流程。 同时,全球化趋势不断加强——欧盟和其他区域经济联盟(如自由贸易协定、...

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  • A Call to Action on Supply Chain Risk

    By Takashi Ishii |Aug 08, 2019|English

    Supply chains play the role of blood vessels in today’s global economy: When they stop running freely, different parts of the economy start to shut down, like organs in the body. Events from the past several years have demonstrated how vulnerable links...

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  • Business Interruption Risk and Its Relationship With the Global Economy

    By Takashi Ishii |Mar 16, 2016|English

    The risk of business interruption is a major concern for corporate managers worldwide. In a 2015 survey about corporate risk management,1 which studied more than 1,400 companies worldwide, “business interruption” is ranked seventh, after “decline in brand...

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  • 重大化する事業中断リスク – 経済のグローバリゼーションの歴史から学ぶリスクの本質 (Business Interruption Risk)

    Issue: Nov 03, 2015|Japanese

    今や事業中断リスクは世界の企業経営者の重大な関心事となっている。このレポートは、経済のグローバル化の進展の歴史を振り返りながら重大化した今日の事業中断リスクの本質について迫る。(This article discusses Business Interruption Risk while looking back at the history of the development of the globalization of the economy.)

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