Sara Goldberg

Life/Health Head of Global Products & Analytics, Cologne

Sara Goldberg joined Gen Re Life/Health in Cologne in 2011, where she first worked in R&D and then for the Asian markets, serving as Regional Chief Actuary for Life/Health business in eastern Asia. She re-joined R&D in 2020 and now heads up Global Products & Analytics.

  • Nur eine normale Grippe…

    Issue: Mar 14, 2022|Deutsch

    Ist eine Infektion mit dem SARS-CoV-2-Virus vergleichbar mit einer „normalen Grippe“? Zahlen und Fakten zu COVID-19.

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  • Solo es una gripe normal...

    Issue: Jan 17, 2022|Español

    La gripe provoca muertes en todo el mundo pero se considera una epidemia, no una pandemia. La gran diferencia con el SARSCoV2 es que la gripe tiene menos posibilidades de mutar. Este artículo analiza cómo un conjunto de virus se convierte en endémico.

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  • Just Your Common Flu ...

    Issue: Dec 21, 2021|English

    In early 2020, many assumed COVID-19 would prove to be but a blip compared with the “common flu.” Minimization narratives such as this have long since vanished from the mainstream, but as we grapple with what the world with endemic SARS-CoV-2 looks like,...

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  • No Easy Way Out: An Overview of International Trends in Suicide

    Issue: Apr 02, 2014|English

    We review the background of the persisting trends in suicide, its drivers and exacerbation by economic uncertainty, and consider what steps insurers may take to protect themselves from the impact of claims.

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