Dr. Sandra Mitic

Life/Health Chief Medical Officer, Cologne

Dr. Sandra Mitic is the Chief Medical Officer for Life/Health Client Services, based in Cologne. She is a specialized visceral and gastroenterological surgeon and has worked as a Medical Consultant in various hospitals in Germany. She also holds a master’s degree in Public Health. Before joining Gen Re, she worked as a Medical Consultant in the private health insurance sector in Germany and the Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance. At Gen Re, she advises in the areas of risk and claims assessment and supports further development of risk assessment manuals and insurance products.

  • La fatiga: ¿síntoma o diagnóstico?

    Issue: May 11, 2022|Español

    El síntoma de la fatiga es una de las dolencias que se presenta más frecuentemente en la atención primaria. Descubra lo que deben tener en cuenta los suscriptores en el contexto de las valoraciones de riesgos para seguros de vida.

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  • The Depression Claims Wizard

    Issue: Apr 20, 2022|English

    In the last years, the insurance industry has been seeing an increasing number of mental health claims. Gen Re is excited to announce the launch of the “Depression Claims Wizard” – our new tool to assist claims assessors.

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  • Fatigue – Symptom or Diagnosis?

    Issue: Apr 12, 2022|English

    The symptom of fatigue is one of the top five most frequently presented health complaints in primary care. Find out what underwriters should consider in the context of risk assessments for life insurance.

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  • Underwriting Focus 2020, No. 2

    Issue: Feb 22, 2021|English

    This edition of Underwriting Focus covers different topics around the COVID-19 pandemic – Changes in scientific findings, vaccine development, mental health implications and underwriting recommendations for new diseases.

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