Ross Campbell

Lead for Digital Engagement, Life/Health Research & Development, London

Ross Campbell works in Research & Development based in Gen Re’s London office. He is a Chartered Insurer and Medical Underwriting Diploma holder. Ross joined Gen Re in 1995 and has 35 years’ experience in reinsurance. Ross has a particular focus on disruption and innovation, and plays a key role in driving Gen Re’s International Life/Health digital strategy.

  • Desbloqueando el blockchain

    Issue: Jul 17, 2018|Español

    El interés en la trinidad del bitcóin, el blockchain y la tecnología del registro distribuido está cobrando un impulso significativo. Sin embargo, la tecnología no es mágica ni tampoco la panacea para cualquier infortunio corporativo.

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  • Healthy Food and Exercise Can Reduce Our Risk of Cancer

    By Ross Campbell |Jul 03, 2018|English

    We are increasingly encouraged to be healthy. Government advice, advertising, peer pressure, and social and media messages all promote its benefits: Good health follows if we avoid sugar, quit smoking and eat less processed meat in favour of vegetables....

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  • 健康饮食与运动能有效降低大众罹患癌症风险

    By Ross Campbell |Jul 03, 2018|Chinese

    我们越来越多地听到 “健康生活”的声音。政府建议、广告、同伴压力以及社交媒体信息都在宣传健康生活的益处:如果免糖、戒烟、少吃加工肉制品、多吃蔬菜,我们就能拥有健康的身体。运动和体力活动不仅有利于身心健康;积极的思维也能提高人体的免疫系统机能。 但是“健康”的含义到底是什么?简单来说就是良好的身体状况,但是在分析投保人的风险时,“健康”是否意味着特定的体重、穿衣尺码或者没有心脏病或癌症?毕竟,癌症仍然是人类首位死亡原因,更不必说全球重大疾病保单下给付的巨额保险金。 每个人对于健康的含义有不同的解读,...

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  • Smokeless Fuels the Tobacco Debate

    By Ross Campbell |May 17, 2018|English

    More than ever, people are shunning tobacco. In England, adult smoking prevalence fell to 15.5% in 2016. Although smoking is declining worldwide, it is on the rise in Eastern Mediterranean and African regions. Despite its dwindling popularity in many...

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