Ross Campbell

Lead for Digital Engagement, Life/Health Research & Development, London

Ross Campbell works in Research & Development based in Gen Re’s London office. He is a Chartered Insurer and Medical Underwriting Diploma holder. Ross joined Gen Re in 1995 and has 35 years’ experience in reinsurance. Ross has a particular focus on disruption and innovation, and plays a key role in driving Gen Re’s International Life/Health digital strategy.

  • Medical Underwriting and the Mother of Invention

    By Ross Campbell |Nov 27, 2018|English

    It’s easy to forget that Life insurance was an invention. Writing in 1866, the actuary Cornelius Walford described the workings of the Amicable Friendly Society that had opened for business 150 years earlier: “The plan was this: the number of members...

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  • Smart Technology Works for Older People, Too

    By Ross Campbell |Sep 19, 2018|English

    New technologies offer insurers the opportunity to build more engaged relationships with their customers. Fitness-linked insurance programmes, for example, are attractive to active people who have access to technology and a desire to use it. While wearables...

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  • Débloquer la blockchain

    Issue: Sep 03, 2018|Français

    La trinité que constituent le bitcoin, la blockchain et la technologie de registre distribué présente un intérêt conséquent. Toutefois, la technologie n’a rien de magique et n’est pas un remède universel aux déboires de toute entreprise.

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  • La cigarette sans fumée relance le débat sur le tabac

    By Ross Campbell |Aug 06, 2018|Français

    Le nombre de personnes qui se détournent du tabac n’a jamais été aussi important. En Angleterre, la prévalence du tabagisme chez les adultes a chuté à 15,5 % en 2016. Malgré le recul du tabagisme partout dans le monde, il augmente en Afrique et dans les...

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