Ross Campbell

Life/Health Chief Underwriter, Research & Development, London

Ross Campbell is Chief Underwriter, Research and Development based in Gen Re's London office. He is a Chartered Insurer and Medical Underwriting Diploma holder. Ross joined Gen Re in 1995 and has more than 30 years’ experience in reinsurance. Ross has a particular focus on disruption and innovation, and plays a key role in driving Gen Re’s International Life/Health digital strategy.

  • Cigarettes - Why One-a-Day Won’t Keep the Doctor Away

    By Ross Campbell |Dec 01, 2020|English

    Many smokers of five-a-day or fewer cigarettes, or those who have cut down while trying to stop, believe the occasional cigarette causes them little or no harm. Dual users of vaping products and tobacco also imagine their lowered intake of smoke reduces...

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  • La aceleración de la innovación en el seguro de vida

    By Ross Campbell |Nov 04, 2020|Español

    Este año nos sigue presentando desafíos que nos obligan a todos a cambiar de mentalidad. La respuesta a la pandemia ha fomentado la acción independiente, la autoayuda y un mayor sentido de la responsabilidad social. A su vez, esto ha acelerado la utilización...

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  • Beschleunigte Innovation in der Lebensversicherung

    By Ross Campbell |Sep 30, 2020|Deutsch

    Dieses Jahr stellt uns weiterhin vor Herausforderungen, die uns zum Umdenken bewegen. Durch die Pandemie wurden unser eigenständiges Handeln und unser soziales Verantwortungsbewusstsein gestärkt, und wir haben gelernt, uns selbstständig weiterzuhelfen,...

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  • Accelerating Innovation in Life Insurance

    By Ross Campbell |Sep 14, 2020|English

    This year continues to present challenges that force us all to think differently. The pandemic response promoted independent action, self-help and a heightened sense of social responsibility. This has accelerated the harnessing of technology as solutions...

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