Rob Frank

Life/Health Manager Claims, Sydney

Rob Frank joined Gen Re Australia in 2010 and is the Manager of the Claims team. The team is responsible for the provision of technical support to claims teams across Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific in the assessment and strategic management of claims. Rob is an Associate Fellow of ALUCA and has worked in life insurance claims for 25 years across insurers and reinsurers in the UK and Australia.

  • To Be or Not to Be Digital - That Is the Question in Australia and New Zealand

    By Rob Frank |Apr 16, 2019|English

    Life and Health insurers in Australia and New Zealand are ready to take their next big step in using Behavioural Economics (BE) to improve loss duration. BE is about increasing interactions with customers and trying to encourage changes in behaviour,...

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  • Claims Focus 2018, No. 2

    Issue: Jan 24, 2019|English

    In the Digital Era – Personalised Insurance Products / In the Digital Era – Claims Insights / Putting Technology to Work in Income Protection Claims / Influence of Digital Technology on Claims Management – an Asian Perspective / Harnessing Technology...

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  • Managing Income Protection Claims the Smart Way

    Issue: Jul 06, 2017|English

    Medical models alone may be insufficient to understand Income Protection (IP) claim durations. While biopsychosocial factors are significant in prolonged work absence, claims assessors can utilise other elements to provide an initial view of potential...

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  • Claims Focus 2016, No. 1

    Issue: Nov 03, 2016|Français

    Quel est l’impact de la pollution de l’air sur les maladies respiratoires ? Y a-t-il une conciliation possible pour l’indemnisation de sinistres pas « dans les clous » ? Nouvelles technologies et suivi de la santé mentale : une piste pour la gestion des...

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