Patricia Bailer

Global Life/Health Chief Claims Officer, Portland

Pat Bailer is Gen Re's Global Chief Claims Officer for Life & Health, responsible for claims management leadership for our Critical Illness, Disability, Life, Long Term Care and Medicare Supplement products.

  • A Mental Health Claims Dialogue

    By Patricia Bailer |May 27, 2021|English

    Worldwide, mental health claims are the most complex to manage, and claim durations are often prolonged. Before the COVID‑19 pandemic, mental health claims were one of the top three causes of impairment seen in Disability claims. In some crises, there...

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  • Why Medicare Fraud Is a Blind Spot for Medigap Insurers

    By Patricia Bailer |Feb 15, 2017|English

    Given the transactional nature of Medicare Supplement claims, inventory management tends to have more of a process versus risk orientation. However, simply processing a claim, and otherwise overlooking its complexities, leaves a lot at stake. For example,...

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  • Should Obesity Be Considered a Disability?

    Issue: Dec 14, 2015|English

    Articles in this edition include: Should Obesity Be Considered a Disability?; Putting Behavioral Economics to Work for the Insurance Industry; Trends to Watch in the L/H industry. Also our research surveys, conferences and people news.

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  • Is Obesity a Disability? - A U.S. look at a recent European case

    By Patricia Bailer |Mar 17, 2015|English

    Last year, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled in a case brought by a man who claimed he was fired because he was obese. Did the ECJ ruling take obesity to another level by classifying it as a disability and not just a co-morbid or contributing...

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