Mary Enslin

Life/Health Global Claims Manager, Cologne

Mary Enslin is a Global Claims Manager for Gen Re’s International Life & Health business. She can answer your regional and global queries on claims trends and research, as well as advise on Life, Disability, Critical Illness, Long Term Care and Health products. She has a special interest in the impact of mental health and long-term disability on work.

  • Claims Management - Life on the Frontline

    By Mary Enslin and Clio Lawrence |Aug 18, 2020|English

    Life insurance is no longer the quiet, predictable backwater it once was. In emerging and established markets everywhere, competition around product design, innovation, and customer service is rife. Meanwhile, claimants are discerning and ready to challenge...

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  • Claims Assessment – Another Piece in the Puzzle

    Issue: Feb 25, 2020|English

    As an important part in the insurance life cycle, claims assessors manage, evaluate and pay out claims. Only well-trained staff will be able to fulfil all the requirements needed.

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  • Underwriting Focus 2019, No. 2

    Issue: Jan 29, 2020|Français

    Comprendre l’hépatite virale – Prévalence, problèmes et prévention / Un nouveau regard sur l’hépatite – Que dit CLUE ? / Les tests de la fonction hépatique / Exemples de cas – Hépatite C / L’évaluation des déclarations de sinistres

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  • Claims Focus 2019, No. 2

    Issue: Dec 31, 2019|English

    Tool for the Times – Art and Smart of Claims Triaging / How Does Advanced Analytics Work in the Claims World? / Visual Analytics – The Purpose of Computing Is Insight, Not Numbers / Digitalisation & Co. – Comments on Further Training Processes in Claims...

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