Marc Dahling

P/C Treaty Property Line of Business Underwriter, Stamford

Marc Dahling is the Treaty Property Line of Business Underwriter and Senior Vice President in The Mutual Practice. He is based in Gen Re's Stamford headquarters.

  • Mapping an Insurer’s Wildfire Exposure

    By Marc Dahling and Gerry Hopkins |Oct 03, 2019|English

    How big is your exposure to wildfire?...Many insurers are working hard to answer this question. Wildfire activity has expanded, in size, location and dollar losses, and reached record levels in 2017 and 2018. Given California Department of Insurance reports...

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  • Underwriting Wildfire – Creating Your Hazard Map

    Issue: Sep 09, 2019|English

    The wildfire peril presents challenges to the insurance industry for individual risk analysis and portfolio management. We’ve worked with clients using spatial mapping and other tools to help analyze portfolios and to identify areas of peak exposure.

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  • What’s Really Happening With Hail Claims?

    By Marc Dahling |Jun 25, 2015|English

    There’s a sense among insurers that hail storms have become more frequent and increasingly severe in the U.S., driving up property claims. But is that really true? And if it isn’t, where has that perception come from? We decided it would be worth digging...

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  • Investigating Increase in Hail Claims

    Issue: May 27, 2015|English

    Perception exists in the insurance marketplace that an increasing amount of U.S. property claims are related to more hail events. We explored the validity of this perception and its nature. Here we share our observations.

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