Leo Ronken

Property/Casualty Senior Underwriting Consultant, Cologne

Leo Ronken is a Senior Underwriting Consultant for Gen Re’s Global International Facultative department based in Cologne.

  • Money to Burn? Recycling Risks Reconsidered

    By Leo Ronken |Apr 24, 2018|English

    The waste sector plays an important role in the global economy. Overall, the recycling industry supplies around 40% of the world’s raw material needs. The sector’s annual turnover is estimated at more than $200 billion. But recycling sites are complex...

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  • Engineered Wood – A Burning Issue for Insurers?

    By Leo Ronken |Jan 16, 2017|English

    Wood-based buildings and high-rises are increasingly common around the world. People are even talking about engineered wood becoming the world’s predominant construction material. But insurers need to be aware of the potential downside risks that accompany...

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