Jon Parker

Life/Health Senior Underwriting Specialist, London

Jon Parker has over thirty years’ experience in Life, Health and Disability underwriting. He joined Gen Re as a Senior Underwriting Specialist in 2012 after a career at a major UK direct office. Jon sits on various UK underwriting associations including Select 74 and LUCID.

  • Occupation As a Risk Factor for Alcohol-Related Harm

    By Dr. Chris Ball and Jon Parker |Jun 10, 2021|English

    Alcohol use and misuse is of concern to insurers because alcohol-related illnesses represent a significant cause of claim. The latest report from the UK Office of National Statistics (ONS) described the highest levels of alcohol-related deaths in England...

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  • Why It’s Time to Re-evaluate Cystic Fibrosis

    By Jon Parker |Sep 10, 2019|English

    Cystic fibrosis was rarely encountered by Life and Health underwriters until relatively recently. However, advances in our understanding of this inherited lung disease, and the emergence of more effective treatments, mean that children born with the disease...

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  • RPaktuell 2019, Nr. 1

    Issue: Jul 15, 2019|Deutsch

    Das Potenzial von genetischen Untersuchungen verstehen / Genetische Untersuchungen weltweit / Ein aktueller Überblick über erblichen Brustkrebs / Die Bewertung von erblichem Brustkrebs im Underwriting / Warum Risikoprüfer ein Verständnis von Mukoviszidose...

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