Frank Wang

Head of Property & Casualty, China, Shanghai

Frank Wang, LLM, CPCU, RPLU, ARe, ARM, is the Senior Treaty Liability Underwriter and Marketing Manager for Gen Re P&C China. He is responsible for developing Property & Casualty reinsurance business in China and underwriting liability treaty portfolios in Asia Pacific. He also acts as the key advisor on liability insurance/reinsurance and other liability-related industry issues.

  • Casualty Matters China – 2017年2月

    Issue: Feb 14, 2017|Chinese


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  • An Innovative Liability Insurance Solution to Evolving Legal Challenges in China

    By Frank Wang |May 25, 2016|English

    The insurance market in China experienced robust growth in the last decade and has emerged as one of the largest in the world, with its Property/Casualty premium growing from USD 9 billion in 2000 to a staggering USD 140 billion at the end of 2015. Now...

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  • Litigation Property Preservation Liability Insurance in China

    Issue: May 08, 2016|English

    This edition analyzes the issues of one hot and new liability insurance product in China, i.e. Litigation Property Preservation Liability Insurance (“LPPL”), from the perspectives of both judicial and underwriting practices in the view of risk management...

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  • Casualty Matters China - 2016年2月

    Issue: Feb 17, 2016|Chinese


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