Dr. John O’Brien

Life/Health Chief Medical Officer, London

John O’Brien is a specialist physician and pulmonologist. In 2016 he joined Gen Re full-time as the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for the Global Underwriting and Research & Development department. He is now the CMO for the CUSAC segment covering Canada, UK, Ireland, Southern Africa, Australia and New Zealand, and continues to support the R&D department.

  • La relation entre la COVID-19 et la dépression

    Issue: Mar 23, 2022|Français

    La COVID-19 et les mesures restrictives imposées pendant la pandémie ont eu indéniablement des répercussions sur notre santé. Cependant, existe-t-il une relation entre la COVID et la dépression ?

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  • La relación entre la COVID-19 y la depresión

    Issue: Mar 14, 2022|Español

    Las numerosas restricciones como resultado de la pandemia de la COVID-19 han afectado sin duda a todos, y esas medidas pueden tener consecuencias sobre nuestra salud. En el artículo se intenta descubrir los posibles vínculos entre la COVID-19 y la depresión.

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  • The Relation Between COVID-19 and Depression

    Issue: Feb 08, 2022|English

    The numerous restrictions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic have certainly affected everyone and those measures may have consequences for our health. The article attempts to uncover possible links between COVID-19 and depression.

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  • Claims Focus 2021, No. 2

    Issue: Jan 31, 2022|English

    The insurance industry has known for a long time that depression is a common mental health disorder and one of the leading causes of disability worldwide. To facilitate the work of claims assessors, this issue covers the topic of depression.

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