Dr. John O'Brien

Life/Health Chief Medical Officer, London

Dr. John O'Brien is the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for Gen Re Life/Health Research and Development, based in the UK. Before joining Gen Re as CMO, he worked as consultant for Gen Re in Cape Town while running a pulmonology practice and clinical trial centre. Dr. O'Brien is a past president of the South African Thoracic Society and served on the editorial committees for the South African Thoracic Society guidelines for asthma and COPD. He has been a clinical investigator in more than 70 clinical trials in asthma and COPD.

  • Liquid Biopsy and the Early Diagnosis of Cancer

    Issue: Nov 02, 2020|English

    In recent years, the primary tool for early diagnosis of cancer has been liquid biopsy (a blood test), but it remains complex, costly and time-consuming to fully screen for all mutations.

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  • RPaktuell 2019, Nr. 2

    Issue: Dec 17, 2019|Deutsch

    Diagnostik und Therapie des Prostatakarzinoms – Ein Update / Chronische myeloische Leukämie – von einer tödlichen zu einer chronischen Erkrankung / Epilepsie – eine Krankheit mit vielen Gesichtern / Was ist Interventionelle Radiologie? / Anomalien der...

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  • Les tests génétiques à la loupe

    By Dr. John O'Brien |Nov 18, 2019|Français

    Les tests génétiques se démocratisent et de nouveaux liens entre gènes et maladies sont régulièrement identifiés. Toutefois, en raison des nombreuses contraintes qui pèsent sur l’utilisation des tests génétiques prédictifs dans le domaine de l’assurance,...

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  • When Is a Heart Attack a Heart Attack?

    By Dr. John O'Brien |Nov 05, 2019|English

    Right up until the 1960s no specific treatment for heart attack existed; patients were simply advised to go home and rest in bed. Today, although our understanding and treatment of what’s technically called myocardial infarction (MI) has come a long way,...

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