Claudia Breuer

Life/Health Senior Underwriter, Cologne

Claudia Breuer is a Senior Underwriter and has been working for Gen Re since 2001. She has a particular interest in the evaluation of sports risks in underwriting.

  • Mixed Martial Arts - Eine umstrittene Kampfsportart

    By Claudia Breuer |Apr 11, 2019|Deutsch

    Die Gefahren, die mit der Ausübung von Kampfsportarten einhergehen können, sind in der Risikoprüfung stets mit hoher Aufmerksamkeit einzuschätzen. Die Ausübung eines solchen Sports an sich sagt noch nicht alles über das Risikopotenzial aus, wie wir nachfolgend...

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  • Mixed Martial Arts - A Controversial Combat Sport

    By Claudia Breuer |Apr 09, 2019|English

    The risks associated with the practice of mixed martial arts (MMA) should always be assessed with a high level of attention. The practice of this sport, however, does not yet say everything about the risk potential. Mixed martial arts is a controversial...

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  • Cheerleading: Dangerous Artistry in a Miniskirt

    By Claudia Breuer |Nov 20, 2014|English

    Cheerleaders may look great at a football or basketball game, shaking their colorful pom-poms as they dance, but there’s more to it than that. In fact, few sports are as demanding - or risky - as cheerleading is today. Cheerleading has changed a lot since...

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