Andrew Mills

Life/Health Associate Claims Specialist, Cologne

Andrew Mills joined Gen Re in 2019 as an Associate Claims Specialist for International Claims Management. He is currently working within the Europe, Latin America and MENA segment. He has special interests in vocational rehabilitation, exercise rehabilitation and disability claims management.

  • Mental Health-Apps - Highway to Health?

    By Johannes Schmidt and Andrew Mills |Jan 18, 2021|Deutsch

    Als Apple seinen berühmten Slogan „There’s an app for that“ (Dafür gibt es eine App) im Jahr 2010 urheberrechtlich schützen ließ, ahnten wohl nur die wenigsten, wie sehr der amerikanische Softwaregigant hier recht behalten sollte. Laut einer Studie, die...

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  • Exploring the Mental Health App Maze

    By Andrew Mills and Johannes Schmidt |Nov 24, 2020|English

    When Apple registered a trademark for the slogan “There’s an app for that.” back in 2010, who could have foreseen just how many apps would be created - and for every imaginable need. With such a big focus on wellness in recent years, it’s not surprising...

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