CI Producer Perspectives: Why Do You Sell Critical Illness Insurance? [Video]

February 10, 2015| By Steve Rowley | Critical Illness | English

Region: U.S.

Critical Illness insurance has grown in popularity since it was first introduced by Dr. Marius Barnard in 1983. Here in the United States, sales topped $332 million in 2013. Despite this, many Americans have never been approached by an agent or advisor to buy Critical Illness insurance. Because of  these facts, we thought it appropriate to begin our Critical Illness Producers Perspective series by asking the agents we interviewed “Why do you sell Critical Illness insurance?”

Their reasons varied from having personally experienced the financial challenges associated with surviving a critical illness within their family, to focusing on the need for “financial choice as well as medical choice.” But the most common theme was because Critical Illness insurance helps to fill the gaps so prevalent in many other forms of insurance.

Click on the video below to see why the producers we’ve interviewed sell Critical Illness insurance.


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