CI Producer Perspectives in the U.S. - If You Could Make One Change to a Critical Illness Product, What Would It Be? [Video]

August 25, 2015| By Steve Rowley | Critical Illness | English

Region: U.S.

No discussion with agents would be complete without soliciting their feedback on how a product can be improved. Given the recent growth of this product in the United States, we felt it especially important to hear what our experienced group of agents had to say about this in our Producer Perspectives series.

There was less consistency here than with some of our previous questions, and the responses seemed to vary depending upon whether the producer sold individual Critical Illness coverage or Group/Worksite plans. Responses ranged from higher face amounts to providing networks for insureds to have access to the best care possible. Others simply wanted more carriers to offer recurrence benefits.

Click on the video below to see first-hand what our group of producers would change on the products we’re offering today.


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