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  • Oil Rig Activity in 2015 - What’s Your Exposure Now?

    By Jon Cudney |May 16, 2016|English

    According to Forbes, the collapse in oil prices has claimed over 200,000 jobs worldwide, affecting both large and small firms in the oil industry. Mark Schultz, the President of the Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors, shared that the...

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  • Green Light for Green Energy? Not So Fast

    By Mariano Trevisan |May 12, 2016|English

    As recently as the beginning of this year, investors, developers and owners of renewable energy risks in the United States had cause to celebrate a seemingly bright future. The federal Consolidated Appropriations Act was passed in December 2015, extending...

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  • Wildfire Outlook - What’s Ahead in 2016

    By Chris Beston|May 02, 2016|English

    Wildfire season seems to come earlier and earlier each year in the U.S. Wildfire season today in the U.S. is on average 78 days longer than it was in the 1970s.1 As we look ahead to 2016, the industry is paying close attention. We are coming off a...

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  • The Amazing Race for Growth - Is Small Commercial Insurance the Answer?

    By Rick Hartmann|April 26, 2016|English

    $670 billion dollars. Now that’s a large number. Policyholder surplus at the end of 2015 continues to stand near record levels at $670 billion.1 This abundant supply of capital is forcing insurers to try to find new, dynamic ways to grow and...

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  • A Wake-Up Call for Insurers - Chennai Floods, India

    By Nighat Khan|April 20, 2016|English

    In November 2015 a beautiful part of southern India, covering the states of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradhesh, became the scene of unprecedented flooding that claimed nearly 500 lives and displaced approximately 2 million people. It resulted in the destruction...

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  • The Impact of Trends in the Food Industry on Risk Management [Presentation]

    By Leo Ronken |April 03, 2016|English | Deutsch

    Economies of scale, automation and industrialization are just some of the trends affecting the food industry. In this sector's focus on remaining competitive in a fast-changing environment, while also facing stricter regulation, the need for fire protection...

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