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  • Vapor Cloud Explosion Modeling - Estimated Maximum Loss of Tank Farms

    By Seong Wook Kim|October 05, 2016|English

    On 11 December 2005, a massive explosion measuring 2.4 on the Richter scale at the Buncefield Oil Storage Depot in the UK destroyed 23 large fuel storage tanks and burned for five days. The incident is regarded as the largest explosion in Europe since...

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  • U.S. Wildfire Risk Continues to Rise

    By Martha Flanagan|October 03, 2016|English

    Wildfire risk in North America is on the rise, primarily driven by a combination of warmer, drier conditions and the significant human expansion along the wildland-urban interface. Record high temperatures and drought over the past decade throughout...

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  • Additional Insureds - A Question of Interpretation

    By Bob Button|September 29, 2016|English

    Some of the most complex and hotly contested large commercial claims disputes have to do with Additional Insured (AI) coverage. Provisions related to AI coverage are especially common in construction contracts in which subcontractors may be required...

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  • Fire Losses During Construction Can Be Alarming

    By Eric Michot |September 15, 2016|English

    Construction or renovation projects represent a significant risk for insurers. From the early stages of a project to the final phase when the largest concentration of values are on the site, losses from fire can add up for insurers. I will discuss a...

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  • Finding the Right Property Insurance Claim Experts - A Key to Your Success

    By Sue Stein |September 11, 2016|English

    People that work in the Property Claims field are adept at sorting through the chaos which is part of any loss, and at making order out of it. We take the necessary steps to determine the claim strategy, with one of those steps being to identify the...

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  • Know Thy Neighbour – Lessons From the Tianjin Explosion

    By Edmund Fernandez |September 07, 2016|English

    The night of August 12, 2015 was like any other in and around the bustling port of Tianjin, the maritime gateway to China’s capital city Beijing located some 170kms to the north west. The port city of Tianjin, a dual core city comprising the old...

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