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  • The ILS Markets and Traditional Reinsurance

    By Andrew Flitcroft|August 19, 2015|English

    I recently sat on an industry panel that explored how the Insurance-Linked Securities (ILS) markets differ from, and influence, the traditional reinsurance market, and I thought I would share the summary of my discussion. Starting with the impact on...

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  • Fac to the Future

    By Mike Downes|June 15, 2015|English

    The Flux Capacitor - It represents the epitome of creativity, problem solving and “out of the box” thinking. Admittedly, facultative reinsurance may not be the equivalent of Doc Brown's time travel, but in an underwriting world increasingly...

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  • Negative Interest Rates - The Perfect Financial Storm

    By Tad Montross|April 16, 2015|English | Français

    Negative interest rates could create a perfect financial storm for the insurance industry, simultaneously putting investment returns and underwriting adequacy under unsustainable pressure. Compounding the risks for multinational insurers, a persistently...

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  • The Underwriting Cycle - Don’t Be Taken for a Ride

    By Tad Montross|March 15, 2015|English

    The underwriting cycle is an abiding feature of our industry. It’s mostly accepted as inevitable, being driven by external economic factors, such as the availability of capital. But is that really the case? While it’s true that economic...

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  • Claims - What Matters Most to Millennials? [Presentation]

    By Sydonie Williams|March 12, 2015|English

    The millennials - anyone born between 1980 and 2000 - number 80 million in the U.S. and they’ve been identified by many insurers as a generation with big growth potential. Top-performing companies further recognize that connecting with millennials...

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  • Insurance - An Asset or Expense?

    By Tad Montross|March 01, 2015|English

    Have we been thinking of insurance the wrong way? Many think of insurance as an expense. In fact, accounting rules treat it as such. As consumers, we know insurance...

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