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  • 10 Years of De-Tariffication in India

    By Ayush Jain |February 01, 2017|English

    January 2017 marked 10 years of de-tariffication of non-life insurance in India. This decade has allowed insurers to price insurance policies (with the exception of motor third party) based on their own analyses and perceptions of risk. When the sector...

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  • Preventing Soft Fraud - Insights From Behavioural Science

    By Markus Burbach |December 12, 2016|English | Deutsch

    Lying and cheating are neither motivated by a criminal disposition nor do they follow the cost-benefit principles of the Simple Model of Rational Crime, according to Behavioural Economics and Psychology Professor Dan Ariely. People cheat just a little...

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  • The Era of Uncertainty Explored at PCI 2016 [Video]

    By Liz Kramer|November 20, 2016|English

    The only real certainty for property-casualty insurance carriers in the U.S. today seems to be uncertainty. That was reflected in the theme of last month’s annual meeting of the Property Casualty Insurers of America Association (PCI) in Dallas. Over...

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  • Gen Re at NAMIC - The Feeling’s Mutual

    By Berto Sciolla|October 10, 2016|English

    Mutual companies rarely make the headlines, and yet they are an integral part of the U.S. insurance sector. Mutuals write more than $230 billion in annual premiums, accounting for 54% of the homeowners insurance market, 43% of the auto market and 32%...

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  • Tech Takes Insurance Back to the Roots With Peer-to-Peer Solutions

    By Rodrigo Gomez |April 19, 2016|English

    The concept of mutual risk sharing goes back to the dawn of insurance and is now making a comeback through products integrating digital technology. The question is whether this trend is more than a fad and whether the industry is about to undergo disruption. To...

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  • Nothing Normal About “The New Normal”

    By Tad Montross|January 12, 2016|English | Français | Deutsch

    “The new normal” is the phrase frequently used by insurance market commentators to describe the market conditions we operate in today. It’s as if we are witnessing fundamental secular or structural change in the business. In my opinion,...

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