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  • Perils of Products Liability Underwriting

    By Brandon Yez |August 02, 2016|English

    Underwriting product liability has gotten easier over the last 10–15 years. Certainly, the explosion of the Internet and company websites provides a better look at an insured's product line than when I started in the business 20 years ago. In...

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  • Crumb Rubber - Is It on Your Radar?

    By Andrea Garcia |July 27, 2016|English

    In the U.S. alone, we produce over 290 million scrap tires a year. But where do these tires go? One of the main uses of recycled tires is grinding them into small, granular pieces called “crumb rubber.” Over the last decade, crumb rubber...

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  • Asbestos Court Decision and Implications in Japan

    By Shinichi Kitazawa|July 17, 2016|English | Japanese

    On 29 January 2016, the District Court of Kyoto, Japan ordered nine manufacturers of construction materials containing asbestos to pay a total of JPY 112 million (approximately USD one million) to 23 workers and their families who died from or are suffering...

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  • Umbrella Loss Segmentation - Trends for Better Insights

    By Maria Slowinski |July 06, 2016|English

    Uncertainty around large loss trends can easily undermine an insurer’s confidence in its renewal books. It can cause one to wonder if rates are being evaluated accurately. That is just one reason why Gen Re’s Umbrella team conducts loss...

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  • Are You Unknowingly Covering Cyber Liability?

    By Matt Burns |June 29, 2016|English

    Cyber risk is constantly in the headlines these days, with one big corporation after another left reeling from a data breach. But it’s not only the iconic brands that are victims of data loss and class action lawsuits: small to midsize risks are...

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  • Achieving Underwriting Profitability - Can Casualty Facultative Help?

    By Katie McCalla |June 16, 2016|English

    The 2015 financial results showed another good underwriting year across the insurance industry. The Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.) is projecting an overall calendar year combined ratio of 95.2 and the insurance industry finished 2015 in very...

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