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  • Thoughts on Group Insurance - A New Year's Resolution

    By Drew King|January 24, 2014|English

    Readers of this blog have probably noticed a recurring theme when I write about the challenges facing the group insurance industry: Most (but not all) group insurance companies have very little data about the individuals covered by their plans. They...

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  • Time To Take a Reality Check on LTD Pricing

    By Jena Breece |January 16, 2014|English

    Pricing long term disability (LTD) policies is complex enough, what with projecting incidence rates and claim termination rates, as well as Social Security and other offsets. But another increasingly crucial factor gets less attention - pricing for...

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  • How Our Research Works For You

    By Marcy Updike|November 09, 2013|English

    Interested in learning how to gain insights into Disability and Group Life insurance market trends? A unique service delivered through our Research Center - our MarketCheck survey series - is focused on providing just that. Designed to help our Disability...

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  • Discover A New Approach To Disability Products

    By Kathrin Westenhoff |July 19, 2013|English

    Conventional disability products in Germany don’t always represent the best cover for more risk-laden occupational groups, largely because they have developed to a high-performance category and have relatively high premiums due to differentiation....

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  • Big Wins From Big Data

    By Karin Neelsen |July 08, 2013|English

    Gen Re began collecting portfolio data from German life insurance companies around 20 years ago with a view to obtaining detailed insights into the market’s claims experience around mortality and disability products. For the insurers that contributed...

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  • Critical Illness Claims Adjudication

    By Steve Rowley |June 12, 2013|English

    Critical Illness claim adjudication is an important part of the risk management process. As such, it is important to recognize the unique skills required to properly adjudicate a Critical Illness claim so that the insurer provides fairly the benefits...

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