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  • When Commercial Lines Exposures Are Close to Home

    By Matt Burns |January 06, 2015|English

    We never cease to be surprised by the wide range of legal developments we encounter when compiling the content for our Casualty Matters publication. The latest edition was no exception, with diverse court news on risk issues crossing over both commercial...

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  • Claims and the Solar Energy Trend

    By John Harmonay|August 26, 2014|English

    Many states currently provide incentives to homeowners and businesses to encourage them to achieve zero net energy use. Combine this with the falling prices of solar panels and storage batteries, and a large number of U.S. homes and businesses could...

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  • Decisions, Decisions – Keeping Casualty Carriers Clued In

    By Craig Beardsley |July 10, 2014|English

    From sexual molestation to social host, ridesharing, dog bites and even backyard zip lining, our most recent Casualty Matters examined a range of important court cases that could be relevant to personal and commercial lines underwriters. Take the Pennsylvania...

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  • ACA Side Effects: 5 Ways It May Impact Commercial Liability Insurance

    By Libby Benet|May 21, 2014|English

    We know that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) is aimed at making personal health insurance more available and, well, affordable. But insurers may be wondering if and how it will impact the Auto, General Liability, Workers' Comp....

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  • Constructing a Picture of Contractor Defect Claims

    By Paul Kelejian |May 05, 2014|English

    We recently tapped a cross-section of insurance claim departments for their take on handling construction defect (CD) claims. Their collective claim wisdom, gleaned from long days in the CD trenches, around types of programs, structuring coverage, policy...

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  • What’s Driving Larger Auto Liability Losses? [Infographic]

    By Liz Kramer|April 24, 2014|English

    Auto liability claims have taken an interesting turn. The headlining trend: frequency has fallen and should continue to fall. Meanwhile, auto severity has increased on the back of rising medical costs. Between 2007 and 2012 auto severity grew at a faster...

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