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  • Insurance Business Results Through Analytics

    By Upendra Belhe|October 17, 2017|English

    As insurers implement data analytics to varying degrees, the next stage is already being set. For many it’s doing even more with external data, building even sharper and better pricing models, or looking for the opportunities to implement predictive...

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  • Bring Out The Brooms: For Mutuals The Key To Success Lies In "Sweeping the Corners"

    By Rick Hartmann|September 21, 2017|English

    For some, legacies are not important. For mutual companies, legacies matter. With the National Football League (NFL) season underway, I’m reminded of an anecdote that Herm Edwards, ESPN analyst and former NFL head coach, often used to illustrate...

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  • Life for Mutual Companies after the “Trump Bump”

    By Rick Hartmann|September 12, 2017|English

    “Show me the money!” Twenty-one years after Jerry Maguire hit movie theaters, that catch phrase continues to transcend generations and industries. In fact for mutual and stock insurers, investment performance continues to be a key driver...

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  • Gaining Insights Through Data and Analytics Collaboration

    By Upendra Belhe|July 19, 2017|English

    Disruption, continuous change and uncertainty are a stark reality for P&C carriers today. Digital technologies, data analytics and social media promise to transform the traditional marketplace. It’s an environment where customers’ expectations...

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  • Get Ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

    By Charlie Kingdollar|May 24, 2017|English

    The fourth industrial revolution - or Industry 4.0 as it’s also referred to - has begun, and it’s going to create enormous socio-economic change around the world. Advances in automation, artificial intelligence and robotics will bring job...

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  • 5 Insights into an Evolving ERM Process

    By Janice Englesbe|April 17, 2017|English

    At Gen Re we have had an enterprise risk management (ERM) process in place for many years. The goal has always been for our ERM discipline to be useful to the organization, such that it provides feedback and information yet doesn’t create unnecessary...

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