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  • WannaCry Global Cyberattack - How Is It Affecting Insurers?

    By Renate Kerpen|June 02, 2017|English | Deutsch

    Since it began wreaking havoc on 12 May, global cyberattack WannaCry has been making the world sit up and take note. With seemingly little regard for geography, industry or user, estimates suggest over 300,000 businesses across 150 countries have been...

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  • Get Ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

    By Charlie Kingdollar|May 24, 2017|English

    The fourth industrial revolution - or Industry 4.0 as it’s also referred to - has begun, and it’s going to create enormous socio-economic change around the world. Advances in automation, artificial intelligence and robotics will bring job...

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  • Inland Marine Conference – Sharing Underwriting Insights

    By Ben Skurek |May 17, 2017|English

    A team of Gen Re Property Facultative underwriters head to the Inland Marine Underwriters Association’s (IMUA) 87th Annual Meeting - held from May 21 through 24 in Braselton, Georgia - in search of new underwriting insights and opportunities to...

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  • Time to Re-evaluate Downtimes for Failures of Tailings Dams

    By Gavin Rowatt|May 09, 2017|English

    Estimating business interruption losses is never straightforward. But accurately forecasting the financial consequences of a large tailings dam failure can be a real challenge, as recent events have shown. Tailings dams store waste products of mining...

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  • Four Drone Insurance Questions - You Should Have the Answers

    By Jill Tumney |March 22, 2017|English

    224% - that is how much the sale of drones grew in just a three-month period in 2016. Drones are taking off among businesses and consumers in the U.S., and that presents risks and opportunities for insurers. All this popularity is generating questions,...

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  • Is the Sunshine State Becoming the Wildfire State?

    By Rick Hartmann|March 12, 2017|English

    4,600. No, that is not the number of arrests during spring break in Fort Lauderdale. That is the number of wildfires Florida will now average in a given year resulting in nearly 110,000 acres of burned land.1 For many, Florida is known for its warm,...

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