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  • Zika and the Olympics - Should Insurers Still be Concerned? [Presentation]

    By Tim Eppert |August 01, 2016|English

    In the weeks leading up to the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, a few athletes announced they would forgo the games for fear of contracting the Zika virus in Brazil. There’s a good chance athletes aren’t the only ones avoiding traveling to South...

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  • Why Hookah Pipes Aren’t a Healthier Way to Smoke

    By Ross Campbell |June 19, 2016|English

    Shisha lounges, where people smoke hookah waterpipes, may be growing in popularity in some countries, following restrictions on tobacco smoking in public areas. Many people incorrectly believe smoking this way is less harmful than using cigarettes,...

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  • Survivorship Series - Surviving Heart Attack

    By Steve Rowley|May 17, 2016|English

    Heart attacks (myocardial infarctions) are the second most common cause of claim for Critical Illness insurance, yet there are differences of opinion on exactly what should be covered under a Critical Illness policy. Should these policies pay for other...

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  • Survivorship Series - Surviving Cancer

    By Steve Rowley|April 28, 2016|English

    Fifty years ago cancer was largely thought of as untreatable. The few treatments available had limited effectiveness and were difficult to tolerate for most patients. All of that began to change when President Nixon declared a war on cancer and signed...

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  • Survivorship Series - Why Living Benefits Are More Important Than Ever

    By Steve Rowley|March 27, 2016|English

    Dr. Marius Barnard drove development of the first Critical Illness policy in 1983 because he understood that after centuries of mortality improvement, death was no longer our greatest financial worry. Instead, his patients were often equally worried...

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  • Let Critical Illness Insurance Sell Itself

    By Steve Rowley|February 29, 2016|English

    Over the past few years we have published a number of blog entries designed to explain what Critical Illness Insurance is and how to manage the risk, and even suggested numerous ideas for selling Critical Illness coverage. We’ve even met with...

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