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  • Working From Home? Don’t Let Cyber Criminals Break In

    By John Connors|April 16, 2020|English | Chinese

    As companies around the world operate on a recommended work-from-home basis, or with their offices closed entirely, most organizations have more people working at home than at any time in their histories. People with limited to no work-from-home experience...

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  • Ecosystems - The Third Leg for Insurance Distribution in Asia

    By Tuan Miang Chua |March 17, 2020|English

    When bancassurance came to Asia 20 years ago there were many in the industry who believed it wouldn’t work. History was clearly on the side of the innovators. Over the last few years, we have seen the innovation of ecosystem models and the parallels...

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  • Decoding Insurer and Insurtech Collaborations - The Missing Rosetta Stone

    By Tasneem Harnekar|February 18, 2020|English

    Traditional models for life insurance are increasingly under threat as the environment in which insurers operate is disrupted and transformed by new technologies that resonate better with the demands of modern consumers. But do established providers...

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  • Life and Health in Asia: Change Is on the Agenda With Digital As the Key Driver and Enabler

    By Hugh Terry, The Digital Insurer (guest contributor)|January 16, 2020|English

    Over the past few months The Digital Insurer (TDI) and the Gen Re team in Asia have been working closely on the first issue of Life and Health in Asia, our new quarterly joint newsletter charting the rapid pace of digital innovation and adoption across...

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  • Digital Innovation Is a Puzzle for Life Insurers

    By Dan White, Managing Partner, Ninety Consulting (guest contributor)|December 05, 2019|English

    Innovation is in the air. Imaginative digital technologies have been plugged into existing Life and Health insurance processes and products in multiple markets, injecting new life into customer engagement, risk assessment and claims management. Except...

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  • A Pain in the Neck? There’s an App for That

    By Ian Prangley, Co-founder and Health Director, TrackActive (guest contributor)|July 02, 2019|English

    TrackActive is a startup with an evidence-based application that uses artificial intelligence to allow individuals to manage and prevent musculoskeletal pain. Our company works in collaboration with Gen Re, and we aim to bring our mHealth solution to...

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