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Our Perspective

  • Does Transgender Matter to Life Underwriters?

    By Ross Campbell |August 31, 2016|English

    European life insurers have had to offer the same premiums to both sexes since December 2012. While the European court decision that led to unisex premiums was aimed at promoting equality, it did not change the biological reality that being a woman...

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  • Seamless Conversions Can Put Seniors in a Bind

    By Drew King|August 31, 2016|English

    A couple of weeks ago I read an article in the Health & Science section of the Washington Post entitled “Senior Surprise: Getting switched with little warning into Medicare Advantage.” For those who haven’t seen it, here’s...

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  • No Rest for the Workers’ Comp Industry

    By Bill Lentz |August 30, 2016|English

    Sustained combined ratio improvement, increased premium growth and a further fall in claim frequency - the Workers’ Compensation (WC) industry has been performing well for some years. As delegates heard at the last National Council on Compensation...

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  • Is Your Insured’s Restaurant Protected From a $2 Million Liquor Liability Loss? Are You?

    By Renate Jordan |August 25, 2016|English

    With so much to celebrate in the summer months – warm weather, graduations, weddings, people will raise more than a few glasses at local restaurants or watering holes. It is all in good fun until someone is over-served with tragic results....

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  • The Future of Auto [Video]

    By Charlie Kingdollar |August 23, 2016|English

    The future of auto is perhaps the biggest emerging issue facing the property/casualty industry today. Auto premium currently represents 50% of all property/casualty insurance premiums, but rapid technological advances in the industry may significantly...

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  • The Risk of Addiction With Sedative Prescriptions

    By Dr. Chris Ball |August 21, 2016|English

    In an earlier blog I outlined the health threat and addiction potential from non-prescription use of opioid painkillers. However, the problems do not stop with this class of drug. Sedative and hypnotic drugs also pose significant risk of physical and...

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