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  • Injection Wells - What goes in the ground stays in the ground?

    By Charlie Kingdollar |October 03, 2012|English

    The theory behind the use of deep injection disposal wells, which place oil and gas drilling fluids, and other liquid wastes, deep into the ground, is that layers of rock will safely entomb the waste for a thousand years or more. There is now evidence...

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  • Risk, Relationships and Ratings Explored

    By Janice Englesbe|October 01, 2012|English

    The global insurance industry was not as badly burned as the banking sector by the financial crisis, but it created uncertainty around all financial institutions. For insurers it’s meant that credit and financial strength ratings are more important...

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  • Cyber Risk - A property issue, too

    By Charlie Kingdollar |August 16, 2012|English

    There was a time when cyber risk was no more than a nuisance and hackers were more like pranksters. Then organized criminals found that malware and data breaches could be a lucrative career option. Now, in a further evolutionary stage of cyber crime,...

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  • Property Perspective - If it ain’t one thing it’s another

    By Steve Eilers |August 06, 2012|English

    While the wind season got off to an early start with both Tropical Storm Alberto and Tropical Storm Beryl making landfall in the Southeast before the official June 1st beginning of hurricane season, it has settled down and many property (re)insurers...

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  • Energy Answers Blowing in The Wind

    By Oliver Stein |July 09, 2012|English

    Offshore wind farms are an increasingly important source of energy in Europe and capacity is expected to increase tenfold by the end of the decade. That translates into around 8,000 wind turbines in the sea. In terms of investment, the expansion will...

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  • Blurred Lines Around Liquor Liability Create Hangovers

    By Mindy Pollack |June 28, 2012|English

    Alcohol doesn’t just create liability exposures for bars and dram shops. Almost every type of commercial and personal risk in an insurance carrier’s book can be the source of a liquor liability claim. Dram Shop and Social Host liability...

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