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  • Obesity in Asia: Putting the Problem in Perspective

    By Wan Siang Cheong|May 14, 2015|English

    Our Outlook on Obesity blog series explores different risk aspects of a growing, global concern for insurers. Although some of the lowest prevalence rates of obesity are found in Asia-Pacific countries, economic and social factors leave the region as...

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  • Mexico Makes a Stand Against Obesity

    By Carmelo Galante |April 12, 2015|English

    Obesity used to be considered almost exclusively a problem of developed countries. But recently rates of obesity in developing economies have increased abruptly. Indeed, obesity is now often linked to more deaths than malnutrition and some infectious...

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  • Is Obesity a Disability? - A U.S. look at a recent European case

    By Patricia Bailer |March 17, 2015|English

    Last year, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled in a case brought by a man who claimed he was fired because he was obese. Did the ECJ ruling take obesity to another level by classifying it as a disability and not just a co-morbid or contributing...

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  • Is Sugar the New Tobacco?

    By Ross Campbell |February 12, 2015|English

    In our Outlook on Obesity blog series, we’re looking at some of the key issues, trends and interventions related to obesity, alongside the risks this growing problem presents for insurers. Worldwide, obesity has almost doubled since 1980, according...

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  • Obesity - A Global Issue for Insurers

    By Ross Campbell |January 15, 2015|English

    Over two billion people, or nearly 30% of the world’s population, are overweight or obese. It would be convenient to see this grim statistic as the inevitable by-product of the improved quality of life and economic success being enjoyed by more...

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