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  • Nanotech Occupational Exposures - A Look Back at 2015 Studies

    By Charlie Kingdollar|June 15, 2016|English | Japanese

    Exposure to nanomaterials is a significant emerging issue facing the Property & Casualty insurance industry. The nanotechnology industry continues to grow with innovation and expansion into new fields on a regular basis; however, the health and...

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  • Are Your Seat Belts Fastened for Workers’ Comp in 2016?

    By Diane Brown|November 08, 2015|English

    Since earlier this year when we heard Steve Klingel, CEO of NCCI, describe Workers’ Comp as “Calm now…but turbulence ahead,” my colleagues and I often reflect on his comments and what we can do to help our clients prepare for...

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  • How Wellness Plans Can Help Workers’ Comp Carriers

    By Diane Brown|July 15, 2015|English

    Gen Re’s Life & Health unit has published several compelling articles about Obesity for its client base. Those of us in Workers’ Comp at Gen Re quickly realized the articles had powerful learnings for us and our colleagues, particularly...

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  • Positive Changes at AmCOMP

    By Bill Lentz |July 07, 2015|English

    AmCOMP (The American Society of Workers Compensation Professionals) is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to professional excellence in the field of Workers’ Comp. Now in its 17th year, AmCOMP’s education program, certified Workers Compensation...

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  • Tackling Workers’ Comp Claim Expenses With a PBM Partner

    By Diane Brown|June 07, 2015|English

    Workers’ Comp insurers inhabit a complex and challenging world. Operating under a medical system that can at times seem to work against the Injured Worker and Workers’ Comp statutes, insurers have to monitor the effect that medical innovation,...

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  • Medical Marijuana: A Growing Issue for Workers' Comp?

    By Bill Lentz |May 05, 2015|English

    Will medical marijuana ever be part of an approved standard treatment plan for injured workers? Many Workers' Compensation industry experts believe that medical marijuana is a non-issue. Their reasoning includes the following factors: - Medical...

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