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  • Multi-Story Wood Frame Construction - A Cause for Alarm?

    By Bill Healy|April 10, 2014|English

    Multi-story wood frame projects have been in the news recently, following a string of serious fires on construction sites. In December 2013 there was a massive fire on a $26 million wood frame site in Ontario. This year a development under construction...

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  • Cracks Starting To Appear in Causation Clauses

    By Sue Stein |April 08, 2014|English

    Causation continues to be a source of disputes between policyholders and carriers across the spectrum of first-party property claims. From wind and water claims to collapse and time element claims, causation is the starting point for any coverage determination...

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  • Farm Pollution Exposures: A New Crop of Claims [Infographic]

    By Charlie Kingdollar|April 06, 2014|English

    There is a new trend in pollution exclusion litigation arising from traditional environmental events; these claims are characterized by more benign, yet bothersome, scenarios and materials. In the farm context, the new crop of claims involves the spreading...

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  • Lightning Strikes and Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing

    By Mike Griffin|March 23, 2014|English

    Lightning strikes cause 22,600 fires a year, resulting in approximately $407 million in damage. While the majority of lightning-related fires involve outdoor vegetation, most notably forest fires, there are also approximately 4,300 structure fires yearly...

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  • The Fac Files – This Time It’s Personal…No, Really

    By Tim Dunn |March 18, 2014|English

    Hi. My name is Tim. I have blue eyes, and I like warm hugs and summer. But then, that’s not really what this blog is about, shameless animated snowman plagiarism notwithstanding.* Casualty Fac is one of those topics that may only come...

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  • Large Property Loss Survey [Presentation]

    By Geoff Piggot|March 13, 2014|English

    During the last few years, catastrophic events, demographic trends and economic conditions have merged and presented new challenges for insurers, impacting their profitability and the manner in which they handle claims. View our presentation based...

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