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  • Claims and the Solar Energy Trend

    By John Harmonay|August 26, 2014|English

    Many states currently provide incentives to homeowners and businesses to encourage them to achieve zero net energy use. Combine this with the falling prices of solar panels and storage batteries, and a large number of U.S. homes and businesses could...

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  • What You Don’t Know About Flood Can Hurt You [Presentation]

    By Tim Pappas |July 29, 2014|English

    Flood events are rising up the insured natural catastrophe league table. In 2011 the flooding in Thailand cost insurers $15 billion; in 2012 Super Storm Sandy left insurers a bill for $25 billion. It is a global trend and it is the same story in Canada....

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  • The Key to Reinsuring High Value Vehicles [Video]

    By Tedra Skelton |July 27, 2014|English

    We recently worked with a client that writes high value homeowners insurance, where the insured’s car collection was worth almost $10 million and the highest value car was worth over $3 million. While they could get their arms around the homeowners...

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  • Trouble on the Streets: Is the Tide Rising?

    By Joaquin Orejas |July 08, 2014|English

    We believe there is a need for underwriters worldwide to have a greater awareness of the potential losses that might occur when offering coverage for Strike, Riot and Civil Commotion (SRCC). One of the typical underwriting pitfalls is to focus on the...

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  • Catastrophes, Capital and Competition: Talking Points From Down Under

    By Pietro Toffanello|July 01, 2014|English

    I recently participated in a stimulating roundtable event organised in Sydney by the publication Asia Insurance Review in collaboration with the law firm Clyde & Co. I joined a dozen other senior insurance industry executives to exchange views on...

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  • Why Is Valuation Such a Problem on Property Policies?

    By Geoff Piggot|June 12, 2014|English

    A striking feature of property claims, in all the markets in which Gen Re operates, is the number of claims that involve policies with inadequate policy limits. Potentially, this leads to the application of co-insurance/average, possibly a disputed...

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