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  • The Financial Crisis - A Matter of Life and Health?

    By Karin Neelsen |December 18, 2014|English

    Collapsed banks and government bailouts - the fall-out from the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) is well understood by most people. They’ve seen reduced or stagnant gross domestic product, low-interest rates, increased levels of unemployment and...

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  • A Second (Risk) Opinion After a Coronary Event

    By Rick Marinara |December 02, 2014|English

    Can a man in his 50s with a history of heart disease ever be considered better than a sub-standard risk for life insurance? The answer is, sometimes, YES. Here’s an example. John Smith, now age 52, believed he was in great health; why not? He...

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  • HIV and Insurance - Full Circle in South Africa

    By Jason Cooper-Williams |November 30, 2014|English

    In terms of possible catastrophe scenarios facing the life insurance industry, pandemic risk is one of the largest. Many in the industry have seen numbers or models based on the Spanish Flu from 1918, the biggest pandemic in relatively recent times....

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  • Cheerleading: Dangerous Artistry in a Miniskirt

    By Claudia Breuer |November 20, 2014|English

    Cheerleaders may look great at a football or basketball game, shaking their colorful pom-poms as they dance, but there’s more to it than that. In fact, few sports are as demanding - or risky - as cheerleading is today. Cheerleading has changed...

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  • Diabetes and Life Insurance - Crossing the Divide

    By Andres Webersinke |November 13, 2014|English

    Diabetes is on track to become the world’s seventh leading cause of death by 2030, according to the World Health Organization. Diabetes already affects several hundred million people and worryingly, younger people are increasingly being diagnosed...

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  • MMA – Why Underwriters Need To Keep Their Guards Up

    By Ann Marie Dooley|October 12, 2014|English

    Life insurance underwriters encounter all kinds of risks across the scope of human activity. Professional sports, especially contact sports, present some interesting challenges. But Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), a fast growing competitive sport, is something...

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