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  • Utilities in Transition - The Changing Balance of Power

    By Mike Maloney|November 02, 2014|English

    Traditional electric energy utilities are under increasing economic stress as competing renewable generating technologies, such as wind and solar, eat into their business. These utilities are shutting down their least efficient coal plants, often their...

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  • There’s No Use Crying Over Spilled Milk - But What About Spilled Wine?

    By Stephen Byrne |October 14, 2014|English

    If you’re a winery owner in California, you probably felt like a good cry after the recent Southern Napa Valley earthquake. The same might be true for underwriters with clients in the winery business, some of whom are still counting their losses. On...

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  • Room and Home Sharing - Are You in Business?

    By Laura Allison|October 07, 2014|English

    Airbnb is one of the more visible leaders of the sharing economy. When it passed 10 million bookings globally in 2012, it had already established a trend and way of life for many homeowners and travelers. If you have space to rent, you can sign up with...

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  • Property Cat Risk Management – Understanding Correlation

    By Tony Sammur|September 30, 2014|English

    Strong property catastrophe risk management is a core competency for any professional reinsurer. Because we’re a global group, it’s important for Gen Re to understand the potential impact of Cat risk correlation at every level. Locations...

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  • How To Take a Nuanced Approach to Technology Risks

    By Peter Hakenen |September 11, 2014|English

    Not all technology risks are the same, and the range of fire hazards within the tech sector’s occupancy groups is as wide as the underwriting considerations. Some manufacturing processes can be quite hazardous, while others are more innocuous. Differentiating...

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  • New National Electrical Code Could Relieve Solar Panel Exposure Concerns

    By Charlie Kingdollar|September 04, 2014|English

    According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) released a new national electrical code (NEC 2014), which is available for states to adopt - but is not mandatory. If adopted, the new building codes would address some...

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