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  • 4 Trends Marine Insurers Should Watch for in 2014 [Presentation]

    By Jonathan Ball |February 03, 2014|English

    Marine insurers face challenging headwinds in 2014. The recent past provides multiple reminders to underwriters that natural catastrophes affect Marine just as they do Property risks, as highlighted by the disproportionately high number of insured losses...

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  • Predicting a New Toolkit for Claims Professionals

    By Bill Lentz |January 22, 2014|English

    Predictive analytics techniques are widely used in the insurance industry today, usually for actuarial and underwriting purposes. Using analysis of patterns in past events to model future outcomes or behaviors has made huge strides, largely thanks to...

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  • Emerging Issues Hit Home [Presentation]

    By Mindy Pollack |January 06, 2014|English

    When technology and privacy expectations clash, the result is more claims - and this emerging trend hits home in the habitational risk arena. Cameras installed for tenant safety may invade their privacy. Personal information maintained for tenant screening...

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  • Resolving New Zealand Earthquake Claims Complexity

    By Mo Tooker|January 01, 2014|English

    The global insurance market is closely watching the progress of earthquake claims settlements in New Zealand. Not only does New Zealand enjoy one of the highest insurance penetration rates in the world (over 6%), earthquake sublimits are rarely employed. Between...

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  • Inland Marine Policies – Scheduled Limit Challenges

    By Mike Griffin|December 18, 2013|English

    Insurers continue the trend of expanding property coverages available to policyholders. The first property policies written on risks, other than marine, only covered damage resulting from fire and did not cover damage from water in extinguishing the...

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  • After the Fire – Thoughts on the Hynix Loss

    By Peter Hakenen |December 07, 2013|English

    In September 2013 a fire forced the closure of a big semiconductor fabrication plant (fab) in Wuxi, China owned by SK Hynix Inc., the world’s second largest producer of memory chips. Estimates put the loss in the range of US$900 million to US$1.1...

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