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Our Perspective

  • 5 Insights into an Evolving ERM Process

    By Janice Englesbe|April 17, 2017|English

    At Gen Re we have had an enterprise risk management (ERM) process in place for many years. The goal has always been for our ERM discipline to be useful to the organization, such that it provides feedback and information yet doesn’t create unnecessary...

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  • Living to 100 - Implications for Insurers

    By Joan Coverson |April 11, 2017|English

    The number of centenarians, people who've reached their hundredth birthday, has been increasing. The UK had more than 14,000 centenarians in 2015 compared to less than 8,000 in 2002.1 In 50 years, the figure is projected to exceed 400,000. The U.S....

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  • Predictive Analytics Global Survey Results - Still Room to Grow for Life & Health Insurers

    By Guizhou Hu|April 05, 2017|English | Chinese

    How big is “big data” for life and health insurers? What are insurers worldwide focused on when it comes to predictive analytics? How are they adopting it and what are their expectations for the future? We set out to find answers to these...

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  • Wearables in Life Insurance – Game Changer or Passing Fad?

    By Ross Campbell |April 04, 2017|English

    Some life insurers now use data from fitness trackers to lower premiums. But does a policyholder’s number of steps really improve his or her mortality? Despite the link between a sedentary life and the risk of heart disease or cancer being well...

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  • Are You Minding the Gaps in Your Medigap Strategy?

    By Stacy Varney|March 29, 2017|English

    The insurance industry as a whole is facing significant change and innovation from new players. Market disruptors are providing leading-edge technology solutions that can accelerate and enhance the customer experience. Speed-to-market with lower cost...

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  • Underwriting Clinical Trials Insurance

    By Alexander Eistert |March 28, 2017|English

    The latest clinical trial that clearly went wrong, and had a catastrophic result for participants, took place in early 2016 in France. A drug test concerning pain relief, it resulted in one fatality and five hospital admissions with severe adverse effects...

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