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  • Is Dementia Just Gradually Slowing Down?

    By Ross Campbell |April 19, 2015|English

    Dementia is associated with growing old and has a devastating impact on individuals’ capacity to self-care. The organization Alzheimer’s Disease International projects there will be more than 75 million people with dementia worldwide by...

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  • Mexico Makes a Stand Against Obesity

    By Carmelo Galante |April 12, 2015|English

    Obesity used to be considered almost exclusively a problem of developed countries. But recently rates of obesity in developing economies have increased abruptly. Indeed, obesity is now often linked to more deaths than malnutrition and some infectious...

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  • What’s Cooking? Campaigning for Safer Food

    By Ross Campbell |April 06, 2015|English

    Each and every day we are reminded of the importance of healthy eating. A good diet provides a balance of proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats, minerals and vitamins. The health benefits of a diet rich in fresh produce, fruits and vegetables is stressed...

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  • Genetic Testing - Why Insurers Must Stay Tuned In

    By Ross Campbell |March 22, 2015|English

    Genomics is at the forefront of a technological revolution in biomedicine and healthcare through which personalised treatment is fast becoming a reality. Genomics will improve care across a range of health problems and allow more targeted therapy. If...

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  • Is Obesity a Disability? - A U.S. look at a recent European case

    By Patricia Bailer |March 17, 2015|English

    Last year, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled in a case brought by a man who claimed he was fired because he was obese. Did the ECJ ruling take obesity to another level by classifying it as a disability and not just a co-morbid or contributing...

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  • Cigarettes - What’s Your Poison?

    By Ross Campbell |March 08, 2015|English | Italiano

    If we ate rather than smoked cigarettes, we would expect the packets to list their ingredients to help us make informed healthy choices - perhaps resulting in our avoiding them altogether. But tobacco manufacturers are not obliged to do this. If the...

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