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  • When the Levee Breaks [Presentation]

    By Tim Pappas |April 14, 2015|English

    From Boston to New Orleans to Sacramento and everywhere in between, there are thousands of levees in the United States. And yet there is a lack of understanding among both the general public and the insurance industry about this exposure. Test your...

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  • Total Loss Clause - Small Print, Big Impact

    By Viviane Mardirossian |April 01, 2015|English

    In a competitive insurance market, it can be tempting to offer "attractive" terms and conditions. But if "attractive" means including wording that goes against the basic principles of insurance, it can have costly implications for...

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  • 3 Lessons Learned From Catastrophe Claim Handling

    By Mike Griffin|March 30, 2015|English

    After years of seeing catastrophe claim handling, I can pick out three critical things that insurers really need to remember: 1. Never underestimate the claim volume from a storm - and always have a plan to handle more claims than you expect to receive. There...

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  • What Is a Construction Surety Bond?

    By Alice Zelikson |March 19, 2015|English

    We’re frequently asked about the difference between insurance and a surety bond. Although a surety company is typically part of an insurance company, the surety bond is not a typical insurance policy. On privately funded projects, bonds create...

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  • Hard-wired to Focus on Aluminum Safety

    By Liz Berge |March 03, 2015|English

    I’ve been thinking a lot about aluminum lately, thanks to a client asking a GPF underwriter if we would reinsure habitational risks that had “new” aluminum wiring. As we will reinsure any kind of property as long as we can underwrite...

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  • 5 Emerging Marine Trends in 2015 [Presentation]

    By Jonathan Ball |February 22, 2015|English

    In today's uncertain global environment, marine insurers are facing new challenges every day. In this Slideshare we take a look at the five emerging underwriting trends that are changing the rules in 2015. <p style=”text-align: center;”>

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