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  • Enterprise Risk Management – Getting The Tone Right

    By Janice Englesbe|November 07, 2013|English

    Recently, I was lucky to meet with Dr. Paul Walker, the Director of the Center of Excellence for Enterprise Risk Management at St. John’s University, New York City. We talked about how insurers can best implement enterprise risk management...

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  • Tail Risk

    By Tad Montross|October 14, 2013|English

    Regulators and rating agencies are placing more and more emphasis on insurers using models to measure risk better. It means that the industry now spends a lot of time discussing PMLs (probable maximum loss), VaRs (value at risk) and “1% or...

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  • The Overcapitalisation Argument Revisited

    By Bernhard Wolters |September 18, 2013|English

    One of the main issues that concerns insurers and reinsurers over impending Solvency II regulation is the high level of capitalisation demanded. The banking lobby has been saying the same about Basel III. Both sides claim the rules will make financial...

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  • Big Wins From Big Data

    By Karin Neelsen |July 08, 2013|English

    Gen Re began collecting portfolio data from German life insurance companies around 20 years ago with a view to obtaining detailed insights into the market’s claims experience around mortality and disability products. For the insurers that contributed...

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  • Solvency II - Surprises In Store For LTC Carriers

    By Gregory Sother |June 20, 2013|English

    Europe’s new Solvency II supervisory framework is intended to introduce more sensitive risk management and solvency capital requirements for insurers across all classes of business. But it is hard to see how the rules, slated for introduction...

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  • A Decade of Low Interest Rates – The Japanese Experience

    By Dirk Nieder |May 08, 2013|English

    The low interest rate environment is unlikely to end any time soon, despite some predictions to the contrary. Continuing low interest rates have big implications for life insurance companies, especially for those companies that sold products with relatively...

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