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  • A.M. Best - What is your Risk Profile?

    By Debbie Nelson|July 12, 2012|English

    Preparing for an A.M. Best review starts with the obvious question, “What will the rating agency look at?” Earlier this year, A.M. Best began a discussion about a new feature they will use when assessing U.S. P&C companies' financial...

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  • The Fac Files - “Fac” is not a 4-letter word

    By Tim Dunn |July 11, 2012|English

    Facultative reinsurance is a very effective tool that enables underwriters to grow their business by allowing them to write accounts they might not otherwise have written. Similar to using deductibles, endorsements, exclusions, or sub-limits, it is...

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  • Critical Illness Insurance - A Story Everyone Should Know

    By Steve Rowley |July 10, 2012|English

    Everyone in insurance knows stories like the widow who would have nothing without the life insurance proceeds of her late husband’s policy, the construction worker who would be destitute without his disability payments, or the elderly lady who...

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  • Energy Answers Blowing in The Wind

    By Oliver Stein |July 09, 2012|English

    Offshore wind farms are an increasingly important source of energy in Europe and capacity is expected to increase tenfold by the end of the decade. That translates into around 8,000 wind turbines in the sea. In terms of investment, the expansion will...

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  • Healthcare Reform Is Changing Medical Professional Liability - Are you ready?

    By Joe Meli|July 03, 2012|English

    The U.S. healthcare system is in the middle of the most significant change in its history. The Affordable Care Act and similar private initiatives will result in shifting loss exposures, new areas of liability, and changes in the frequency and severity...

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  • Blurred Lines Around Liquor Liability Create Hangovers

    By Mindy Pollack |June 28, 2012|English

    Alcohol doesn’t just create liability exposures for bars and dram shops. Almost every type of commercial and personal risk in an insurance carrier’s book can be the source of a liquor liability claim. Dram Shop and Social Host liability...

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