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  • Serving Solutions for Unwanted Liquor Exposures

    By Mindy Pollack |August 29, 2012|English

    So often we read about dram shop claims against restaurants and other establishments that find their way into General Liability policies, despite a liquor exclusion. Allegations of negligence - particularly failure to arrange for safe transportation...

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  • Why U.S. Insurers Should Be Paying Attention to Food Production Problems in China

    By Charlie Kingdollar |August 27, 2012|English

    The International Herald Tribune published an article this summer, discussing contaminated food incidents occurring in China. These included: - Mercury in baby formula - Cabbages sprayed with formaldehyde - Used cooking oil scooped out...

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  • Risk Management - The building blocks of ERM

    By Jeremy Starr|August 24, 2012|English

    The financial crisis has introduced the area of risk management to much of the Western World via news reports, blogs and tweets. This fact has not been lost on insurance regulators, with many jurisdictions working on requirements for insurers to prepare...

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  • Assessing Risk in Life Insurance - Case study 1

    By Tony Forte|August 22, 2012|English

    As a leading provider of facultative reinsurance we receive many challenging cases to review. For the next few months I thought I would turn the table and offer cases for the reader to review. Let's say, you were presented with a professional athlete,...

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  • Cyber Risk - A property issue, too

    By Charlie Kingdollar |August 16, 2012|English

    There was a time when cyber risk was no more than a nuisance and hackers were more like pranksters. Then organized criminals found that malware and data breaches could be a lucrative career option. Now, in a further evolutionary stage of cyber crime,...

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  • What is Critical Illness Insurance - Why is it Needed?

    By Steve Rowley |August 14, 2012|English

    In our last Critical Illness blog entry we discussed how Critical Illness insurance was conceived by Dr. Marius Barnard back in 1983. This entry discusses what Critical Illness is and why it continues to be a much needed product. The time has never...

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