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  • Bringing Big Data Under Control

    By Sabine Fahrig |December 18, 2013|English

    Big Data promises to make a huge difference to insurance companies in the context of marketing, underwriting and claims management. Today, capturing, storing and harnessing huge volumes of personal data on clients has become a priority, especially for...

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  • Enterprise Risk Management – Getting The Tone Right

    By Janice Englesbe|November 07, 2013|English

    Recently, I was lucky to meet with Dr. Paul Walker, the Director of the Center of Excellence for Enterprise Risk Management at St. John’s University, New York City. We talked about how insurers can best implement enterprise risk management...

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  • How To Find Paths to Growth

    By Carole Ferrero |October 28, 2013|English

    I’m often asked by clients, what can Gen Re do to help us grow our business and drive better performance? In a sense it’s an easy question to answer because as a direct reinsurer, we share in the risk. We strive for mutual success and...

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  • A Guide to Re-evaluating Your Reinsurance Program

    By Berto Sciolla |October 21, 2013|English

    There are many reasons to take a fresh look at your reinsurance program. It might be because you’re dissatisfied with your current provider, or need to meet due diligence requests from the board - or it might be part of a larger ERM process. But...

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  • Tail Risk

    By Tad Montross|October 14, 2013|English

    Regulators and rating agencies are placing more and more emphasis on insurers using models to measure risk better. It means that the industry now spends a lot of time discussing PMLs (probable maximum loss), VaRs (value at risk) and “1% or...

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  • Fitch Ratings Comments on the Property/Casualty Industry’s Ability To Predict Emerging Issues

    By Charlie Kingdollar |September 06, 2013|English

    In a recent article appearing in “Carrier Management," amid comments about reserve deficiencies for asbestos and environmental claims, Fitch Ratings also let its position be known about the ability of the Property/Casualty insurance industry...

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