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  • Driverless Cars - Where Are They Taking Us?

    By Charlie Kingdollar|April 27, 2014|English

    Self-driving, or autonomous cars used to be the stuff of sci-fi, but now it looks like the technology has a real place in the not too distant future. Google’s autonomous car has gone hundreds of thousands of miles without incident. And it’s...

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  • What’s Driving Larger Auto Liability Losses? [Infographic]

    By Liz Kramer|April 24, 2014|English

    Auto liability claims have taken an interesting turn. The headlining trend: frequency has fallen and should continue to fall. Meanwhile, auto severity has increased on the back of rising medical costs. Between 2007 and 2012 auto severity grew at a faster...

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  • Suicide - Right To Die, Wrong To Claim?

    By Ross Campbell |April 22, 2014|English

    The growth in the number of assisted suicides and a rising trend for unassisted suicides, possibly linked to the economic crisis, is raising important questions for life insurers. It’s likely that the industry is going to see more cases where...

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  • 4 Statistics That Highlight the Need for EPLI [Infographic]

    By Mindy Pollack |April 20, 2014|English

    Our new infographic is an eye-opener for all insurers and agents when it comes to Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI). The numbers tell two compelling stories, even for carriers who do not yet have a product. One is the opportunity to deliver...

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  • Captive and RRG Owners - Is It Time To Get a Second Opinion on Your Reinsurance Program?

    By Abe Kane|April 16, 2014|English

    The alternative risk market – including captives, risk retention groups (RRG owners) and self-insured pools - tends to attract unique participants. They are often the better risks in a particular segment, companies that became tired of paying...

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  • Critical Illness As a Supplement to Life Insurance

    By Steve Rowley|April 15, 2014|English

    Dr. Marius Barnard, the father of Critical Illness insurance, is often quoted as having said that people need Critical Illness insurance “Not because you are going to die, but because you are going to survive!” That statement is becoming...

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